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  • Geisha House discount and coupon

  • Deal Description:Half off Sushi, Sake and More Deal Price: $20
  • From:BuyWithMe
  • Address:2773 North Main St. Santa Ana, CA 92705
  • Special Offer Ends At:2011-04-20
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  • More Information:50% off at Geisha House. You order sushi at least once a week (and not just the standard California roll) and would jet to Tokyo every weekend if you could. Well then, chances are you're already familiar with the ultra-hip Geisha House (ahem, Ashton Kutcher is an investor) seen in InStyle and People. Whether you choose Hollywood or Santa Ana, you know you want in on this stylish, sexy scene: $20 for $40 worth of sushi, sake and more (not valid on Saturdays). Brought to you by the Dolce Group – as the name suggests, the team behind the beloved Dolce - Geisha House earns 3.5 stars on Google Maps from a whopping 1,414 reviews.  Repeated raves emphasize that Geisha House is far from your average sushi restaurant thanks to an edgy ambiance, exotic décor and an adventurous menu in place of traditional Americanized items. Start with the Maguro Spicy Taru Taru Crispy Rice (premium tuna) while trying to make up your mind from the huge sushi and sashimi list where you choose light, no rice, made with soy paper and more. We love the "Marilyn Monroll,” a sassy hand roll filled with salmon tempura, avocado, sprouts and spicy sauce. You can also choose from several premium steak entrees, vegetarian dishes, udon noodles and more. Western-influence comes out in the decadent desserts.  Then, throw in some cocktails and a celeb following, and you’ve just saved yourself a far-away trip.
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