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  • 303 Taxi discount and coupon

  • Deal Description:$0 for $2 OFF Your Trip with 303 TAXI
  • From:paylessnow
  • Address:5200 North Otto Ave
    Chicago, IL, 60656
    (847) 303-0303
  • Special Offer Ends At:2012-07-20
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  • More Information:Operating throughout the Chicagoland Suburbs, 303 Taxi offers affordable, reliable and safe travel options for commuters of all types.  303 Taxi even offers convenient options for booking your ride, including scheduling by phone, using their Webhail feature or flagging down one of hundreds of 303 Taxis throughout the Chicago Suburbs. Known for having well qualified drivers and clean, comfortable interiors, 303 Taxi takes pride in their business.<br /> <br /> A cab that is cutting fares!? Now that is certainly something that you never though you would see. Finally those feisty traffic dodgers have joined the money saving movement and are making way for a high speed deal by offering riders this $2 savings on their next trip. Save a couple bucks by taking a taxi to the airport or offering to cover the cab fare in exchange for your pals buying you drink at the bar. Plus, with 303 Taxi you can kick back and relax knowing that you will always get there with time to spare. You will even arrive with a few dollars left in your pocket with this savings. Go ahead, pick up a pretzel at the game or a coffee at the gate and feel good about getting something for less.<br /> <br />
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