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  • Deal Description:Step Inside a Three-Story, Stained Glass Globe Deal Price: $6 Original Value: $12
  • From:BuyWithMe
  • Address:200 Massachusetts Ave Boston, MA 02115
  • Special Offer Ends At:2011-02-05
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  • More Information:Step Inside a Three-Story, Stained Glass Globe.

    $6 for 2 tickets to the middle of the world: the Mapparium, a multi-media experience that’s drawn in over 10 million visitors since 1935 ($12 value).

    Always wanted to travel to the center of the earth but worried about what all that digging will do to your nails? Well, forget about the pesky magma and the scorching 12,600 degree temps, and step inside the Mapparium®, the world-famous exhibit rated 4 stars on yelp. Today, $6 gets you two tickets to the middle of this three-story, stained glass globe at the Mary Baker Eddy Library ($12 value).

    As you move across the thirty-foot glass bridge that spans the diameter of the globe, prepare to be surrounded by 108 illuminated stained glass panels, kiln-fired in 1935 and unchanged since the age of the Soviet Union and European colonies in Africa. As the lights darken, experience an audio/visual show of how ideas have changed our borders and our world since the mid-20th century. Just don’t gasp too loudly, or you’ll hear your voice bounce off the solid-glass walls and return to you in surround sound.

    The Mapparium opens at 10am Tuesday-Sunday, the last show begins at 4pm, and your tickets are good for six months. And, in a unique opportunity to dive deeper into the history of this fantastic structure, a complimentary exhibit, “Mapparium®: An Inside View,” features never-before made public letters, artifacts and documents regarding its construction and significance.  So scoop up as many vouchers as you’d like and take all your history-buff buds and artistically inclined friends to see what over 10 million people have awed over since 1935.

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