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  • Paintball International discount and coupon

  • Deal Description:Love is a battlefield, but so are the wooded areas in Illinois and Indiana. Join the paintball army with today's deal: $18 buys TWO all-day individual passes and equipment at five Chicago-area paintball fields, a $70 value.
  • From:Tippr
  • Address:15N850 Brier Hill Rd.
    Hampshire, IL, 60140
    (847) 683-8609
  • Special Offer Ends At:2011-03-30
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  • More Information:Your enemy is out there, lurking somewhere in the dense foliage. This foe has already eliminated two of your friends, and only you can stop him. You scan the woods, finger on the trigger, and then you spot him racing across a small clearing. You raise your paintball gun and completely pepper him with a volley of paint. Make it happen with today's deal: $18 buys TWO all-day individual passes and equipment at any of five Chicago-area paintball fields—a $70 value.

    Paintball offers the kind of fun that makes grown-ups feel like little kids again. These courses feature a variety of fields, including forests, numerous man-made structures, Airball and Hyperball courses, and much more. With plenty of varied terrain, the paintball action never gets old. Bring your friends, family, and foes for all the paintball fun.

    Don't settle for the usual boring weekend at home. Confront your paintball foes and show those chumps who the real paintball soldier of fortune is with today's awesome paintball deal.
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