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  • Deal Description:National: Temporary Skin-Safe Tattoos Earrings Deal Price:10.00 Original value:20.00
  • From:mamapedia
  • Special Offer Ends At:2013-03-25
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  • More Information:Pierce-free earring designs from Poppy Drops are temporary tattoos made small enough and cute enough to be worn as earrings. Using FDA-approved vegetable-based inks and gentle adhesives, Poppy Drops earrings are safe for sensitive skin and durable enough to withstand play-time. MORE_START Application is easy and painless, while removal is as simple as gently scrubbing the ear with baby oil, rubbing alcohol, or soap and water. With a wide range of options—including lady-like temporary tattoos for moms—there is sure to be something for every girl.
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